26 years after the miners’ riot during June 13-15: Miron Cozma – allegedly Securitate collaborator, denies the charges

26 years after the miners’ riot during June 13-15, 1990, when the Jiului Valley miners led by Miron Cozma came to Bucharest upon the then President Ion Iliescu’s call, ‘Adevarul’ newspaper says the leader of the Jiu Valley miners had been a collaborator of the Securitate, having the codename ‘Paul’ .

The paper says Miron Cozma had given information about the fellow miners during the six years of collaboration. On the other hand, contacted by the ‘Adevarul’ journalists, Cozma denies having collaborated with the Securitate, he says he was beaten by Securitate following the events in the Jiu Valley in 1977 and that he was a ‘70s rocker.

‘Adevarul’ says that in the file at the National Council for Studying the Securitate Archives (CNSAS) there is a commitment signed by Miron Cozma. According to the source, the former Securitate had allegedly recruited Cozma in September 1977, when he was mine engineer at Lonea. Cozma allegedly had collaborated with the Securitate even before being recruited, providing information about the mood in the Jiu Valley. The collaboration was terminated in December 1983, after Cozma had become a communist party member. Meanwhile, he had given information about many colleagues who didn’t carry out their work properly.

On the other hand, Miron Cozma denies the collaboration and claims that, on the contrary, he was arrested by the Securitate and that he was the one who beat the Securitate men. Cozma says that had never been a party member. “I signed a commitment? I was not a party member. Why don’t you understand? I am rocker. Did I have a commitment to the Securitate? Since 1978, I became engineer for production at Lonea mine. Ask the first secretary how many times I beat him. In front of me nobody would have dared to move, during Ceausescu’s time. I never had any relationship with the Securitate,” said Cozma as cited by the journalists.

‘Adevarul’  published exclusively also the file to the Securitate of Marian Munteanu, also held by the CNSAS, “the good boy from the University Square and leader of the ‘hooligans’ in 1990, who was, as shown in the quoted document,  support person, signing as ‘Ioan’  several information during March 28, 1988 and March 2, 1989.


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