Romanian escaping car crash died after falling into abyss in Italy

A Romanian immigrant who had just got away safe and sound from a car crash on the motorway in Sicily, Italy, has fallen in the abyss on the edge of the motorway, from about 30 metres high. He died on the spot, the Italian media reports.

According to Corriere Quatidiano and ANSA news agency, the accident occurred on the A19 motorway linking Palermo to Catania, near Tremonzelli on Tuesday night.

The 30-year-old Romanian citizen, M.G.B. hit the parapet of the motorway while driving a BMW vehicle. A 29-year-old friend, also from Romania, was accompanying him.

The two Romanian young men managed to get away safe and sound from the accident, but the 30yo driver moved to the edge of the road to avoid the other cars and fell into the 30-metre deep abyss.

It’s not clear yet if the Romanian jumped over the protection parapet of the highway or if the metallic barrier was already broken due to the car crash.

The firemen managed to recover the Romania national’s body from the abyss after four hours. The Italian authorities are probing into the causes of the incident.

The motorway from Palermo follows the Tyrrhenian coast eastwards for 46 km and then turns south to go over the Madonie mountains and across the centre of the island to descend into the plain of Catania.

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