40.3 pc of Romanians consider attacks in Paris as revenge. 22.2 pc believe Romania could be a target, survey says

More than 97% of Romanians have heard about the attacks in France and 40.3% of respondents believe that terrorists attacked Paris as retaliation, according to an INSCOP survey.
23.1% of Romanians say our country could be the target of terrorist attacks of the Islamic State to a limited extent, 13.6% say to very little extent and 24.7% of respondents declared that Romania could become a target for terrorists in neither high nor low extent, while 9.6% say in a great extent and 22.2% in a very large extent, Agerpres informs.
40.3% of respondents claimed that the attacks in Paris were revenge for the attacks against the Islamic state, 27.6% say the terrorists want to impose the Islamic law in Europe, 11.1% believe that the tragic incident occurred due to persecution or discrimination of Islamic persons in Europe and 9.4% identify old issues, historical (the Western European countries had over time colonies in north Africa and Middle East), the research reveals.

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