420 ‘white sharks’ leave for NATO “Resolute Support” mission in Afghanistan

Over 400 military of the “White Sharks” Infantry Battalion, including 15 girls and a pair of twins, prepared to leave for mission in Afghanistan on Monday, joining the NATO “Resolute Support” mission.

The 420 Romanian military will be deployed to the military base in Kandahar for six months. The battalion will join the NATO mission to maintain a safe climate and to train the Afghan National Security Forces.

Among them there are also 15 women, some at their first mission abroad, but also two twin brothers from Blaj, also joining their first mission in a theatre of operations.

The training of the battalion to join the mission in Afghanistan began on March 21, 2016 and lasted four months. The White Sharks trained in three shooting stands in Romania, Biruinta, Babadag and Cincu where they used NATO tactics and procedures typical to stability and support missions.

The 341 Infantry Battalion is an elite unit of the Romanian Army attending other missions abroad so far such as „ROFND VIII-X” (2004-2005) in Kosovo, „IRAQI Freedom” (2008-2009) in Iraq and SAF (2006, 2011) in Afghanistan.

The 341 battalion was awarded the honorary name “Constanta” in 2010 and was symbolically named “White Sharks” this year.

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