52-year old man detained for 17 rapes. He pretended to be a doctor and filmed patients during ‘gynecological examination’

The Bucharest Police have detained a 52-year-old man, suspected of committing 20 sexual assault crimes, 17 rapes and 26 violations of private life. He pretended to be a doctor and filmed women during so-called gynecological examinations.

Policemen say that between 2016 and February 2017, the 52-year-old man created several spam emails, which he posted in the virtual environment, as mailing addresses for various job interviews on certain positions.

After the persons showed interest in those positions, they were directed to a doctor who supposedly collaborated with the alleged hiring companies, a doctor who was none other than the one who generated the advertisements without really being doctor.

After the injured persons were subjected to an alleged psychological examination, the man claimed to be a specialist physician, and by false diagnostics would make them accept being subject to gynecological control by applying unconventional methods.

“The alleged medical examinations were taking place in a room where several camcorders were placed, thus creating an archive of pornographic materials,” the Bucharest Police say.

The file has been submitted to the District 6 Court, with the proposal for preventive arrest.


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