58% of Romanians believe that Valentine’s Day and Dragobete ads improve the brand image

February is an opportunity for brands to promote their products or services with various holiday promotions, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Dragobete. Reveal Marketing Research conducted a study that analyzed the impact of these campaigns on the Romanian public, as well as what kind of approach is more appreciated: the emphasis on local or international specifics?

Online environment – the most effective for V-Day campaigns

Only 27% of respondents say they have seen ads with Valentine’s Day promotions, and more than half (54%) say the opposite. Of those who saw such commercials during this period, the majority (55%) say they saw them online, and 45% mention TV channels. Street advertisements on Valentine’s Day were less mentioned by respondents – only 7% of them say they noticed them. The promotions seen in stores related to this holiday were mentioned by 24% of Romanians.

Romanians prefer Dragobete, so brands that choose to associate with it could be more appreciated

Asked to choose between the holidays in the month of love, Romanians preferred Dragobetele, to the detriment of Valentine’s Day. 38% of respondents chose the Romanian holiday, compared to only 16% who lean towards Valentine’s Day. However, 28% of Romanians do not make a difference and stated that they prefer both options equally.

Only 1 in 3 Romanians are influenced by Valentine’s Day / Dragobete campaigns

To help brands better understand the impact of their campaigns on the public, the study also looked at the extent to which Romanians are influenced by Valentine’s Day and Dragobete ads in their purchasing decision. 26% of Romanians declare that brands with promotions on Valentine’s Day would determine them to purchase the product or service, while 54% of respondents would not be influenced by this – they say they would buy that brand, regardless of promotions. The results are similar for brands that use advertisements on the occasion of Dragobete. 30% of Romanians say that such an advertisement would rather convince them to buy, compared to 56% who would remain passive.

The most suitable product categories for Valentine’s Day campaigns and promotions from Romanians’ perspective are the following:

  • Decorative objects / flowers – mentioned as being suitable by 69% of Romanians
  • Accessories / jewelry – mentioned as being suitable by 61% of Romanians
  • Cosmetics / makeup / perfumes – considered suitable by 59% of Romanians
  • Clothes / shoes – considered suitable by 45% of Romanians

The categories that are not associated at all by the respondents with the Valentine’s Day promotions are: electricity / gas services (65% said they are not suitable at all), gas stations (58%), furniture (51%), pharmaceuticals (52%).

Even if they don’t influence consumers’ buying decisions, advertisements and promotions improve the brand image

The percentages are similar in the case of the two holidays, so that approximately 58% of Romanians consider that the promotions or campaigns of the brands on the occasion of Valentine’s Day or Dragobete improve their image. Only 5% believe that these campaigns have a negative effect on the brand image. On the other hand, 37% of respondents are passive and state that these promotions have no effect on the brand.

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