63% of Romanians feel that it is their responsibility to act to limit climate change, Eurobarometer says

63% of Romanians (77% European average) feel that it is their responsibility to act to limit climate change, according to an Eurobarometer regarding the perception of the fairness of the green transition.

The Eurobarometer, recently published by the European Commission and based on a survey conducted between May and June 2022, also shows that the majority of Romanians, 72% (88% EU average), agree that the green transition should not leave anyone behind.

More than half of Romanians (57%) believe that the EU makes sufficient efforts to ensure that the green transition is fair, and 52% say the same about regional, municipal or local public authorities.

As for the opportunities offered by the green transition, five out of ten Romanian respondents agree that policies to combat climate change will create more new jobs than they will eliminate (57% EU average), and 56% believe that these jobs of work will be of good quality (61% EU average).

In terms of energy prices, affordability of energy prices, sustainable products and services is a major concern. 84% of Romanian respondents (93% European average) believe that the current level of energy prices represents a serious problem.

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