67% of Bucharesters cooked more, 20% ordered food less during the COVID-19 lockdown, study says

The Bucharesters’ behaviour in terms of retail and delivery has suffered some changes on March and April, following restrictions imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19 epidemic.

According to a study conducted by Reveal Marketing Research, for the restaurant app Restograf, 67% of Bucharesters have cooked at home, so more than usually. A significant behavioral change has been registered on people aged from 35 to 44, where 75% of the respondents said they had cooked more than during the period before the lockdown.

At the same time, the online food orders to restaurants have declined by 20% in the past 2 months, and youngsters aged from 25 to 34 have ordered by 48% less than they used to.

The most food orders trough apps have been on Glovo, and the least on TakeAway.com. Except Glovo, all food delivery apps have reported decreases in April as against March, the same survey reveals.

The study reveals that 48% of the women aged from 25 to 34 have ordered food online less in this period. At the same time, although they are ordering less, 52% of the respondents in Bucharest mentioned that they have a favourite restaurant where they are ordering frequently. Women are usually more conservative on culinary curiosities (62%), while customers aged from 35 to 44 are the most willing ones to try various restaurants“, said Radu Dumitrescu, CEO Restograf.

Increases on this segment are less seen among men, with a quarter of them ordering more. Overall, the returns from online food orders cannot support the hospitality industry, as more restaurants chose to totally suspend their activity during the state of emergency.

Customers’ expectations from the food delivery services

Almost 60pc of respondents want the deliveries are made under strict hygiene conditions, over 45pc want hot meals, while almost 40pc want a short delivery time.

Over 30pc mentioned the delivery guy must wear protection equipment. Under 20pc want the food to taste the same when they ate it at the restaurant, and the same percentage prefer the online payment.

Other lockdown trends

The study also showed the Bucharesters’ preferences for shopping and information sources. The online shopping has been up by 38% during this period, with a highest percentage (51) among the youngsters aged from 25 to 34. At the same time, women were the ones who have done more online shopping in the past two months (43%), while men have bought online more  by 32%.

Amid the curfew restrictions, 85% of Bucharesters have stayed indoors more then they used to do, with the conduct being more visible among women aged from 25-34 (89%).

Among those 85pc of Bucharest residents who stayed indoors more, 65% of them admitted they had got more informed during this time, yet those aged from 35 to 44 watched Tv news less (-11%).

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