8-month baby boy dies in Timisoara under measles suspicion

An eight-month baby boy died in hospital in Timisoara under measles suspicion on Monday night. He had been hospitalized for the past three weeks. Doctors say he hasn’t been vaccinated against measles.

“It’s an eight-month baby boy who died on Monday evening. He was admitted to the Infectious Hospital in Timisoara under measles suspicion. The highly contagious infection hasn’t been confirmed yet, the necropsy will be conducted on Wednesday, tests will be sent to Bucharest to determine if there are viruses in the lungs. The baby was suspect of measles and died to respiratory insufficiency and to a lung complication. He has been admitted for three weeks and was kept on mechanic ventilation,” said doctor Virgil Musta, the hospital’s spokesperson.

He added that the 8-month baby boy hadn’t been vaccinated against measles.

The last death caused by this dangerous virus were reported at the end of December, when a baby girl aged one year and three months who hadn’t been vaccinated died also in Timis county, with death toll climbing to nine.

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