85,000 public employees might join ROMATSA strike

85,000 employees from the budgetary sector threaten they will join ROMATSA strikers as of September 1, SED LEX National Alliance of the Budgetary Employees’ Unions informed on Wednesday.

“As a sign of solidarity with ROMATSA employees, SED LEX decided to join our traffic control colleagues starting September 1 (…) We hope about 85,000 employees from the budgetary system will take part in this action,” reads the trade union’s press release.

SED LEX explains they want the depoliticisation of the public institutions and that the attempts of some public and private institutions’ leaders to break the trade union’s rights should be restricted.

Traffic controllers from ROMATSA decided to go in general strike as of September 1, arguing their “life and death” problems are also concerning the passengers’ safety.

Negotiations between the trade unions and the representatives of the Transport ministry are under way, as no deal has been reached so far.

On the other, PM Ponta asked Transport Minister Iulian Matache to find solutions for ROMATSA, mentioning he doesn’t like positions of strength policy such as “we doing”, but the rational one.

“I am convinced you can find solutions (…) so that some services of national interest and security should not be disrupted. I understand there is no money problem, they earn more money than others. It’s very good, it’s good they earn, but they should also do their jobs and everybody will be happy,” Ponta said.

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