95 pc of Romanians surfing the net during their summer holiday

Only five in 100 Romanians have completely given up technology during their vacation. 95 percent of our conational fellows used their gadgets, making selfies and posting on social networks this summer, according to an Intel study conducted nationwide during August 12-September 2.

“Romanians are confirming one more time their drive for technology during their summer holiday, regardless they were at the seaside, in the mountains or travelling in various crowded cities. The ideal vacation is the one when technology is at hand, accompanied by an Internet connection. The selfies fashion, the possibility of posting on social media anytime, from anywhere, as well as online searching of various sights were part of the summer hi-tech menu of the Romanians in 2015,” reveals the study.

So, 95 pc of the Romanians stayed tuned to technology this summer, either they were travelling across the country or abroad, while over 70 pc of them were actually using technology over two hours per day during their stays.

Wi-Fi connection was preferred by 78 pc of the respondents, followed by 4G (13 pc) and 3G (8 pc). Only 1 pc would rather have no Internet connection during holiday.

Men used the Internet to search for maps-25 pc, touristic information-23 pc and music-21 pc, while women preferred to search for touristic information-30 pc, maps-20 pc and photo editing applications-18 pc.

Most of the respondents, 85 percent, chose their vacation destinations searching information on the Internet. The survey reveals that this year 73 % of the Romanians spent their vacation in Romania, 25 % in Europe and 2 % on other continents.

Laptops and 2 in 1 systems were the devices preferred on holiday by 44 pc of the Romanians. Smartphones ranked next-38 pc and tablets-9 pc.

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