A doctor left Romania every six hours last year

Romania is the country with the fewest doctors in the EU reported to the number of inhabitants (only 2.5 compared to the European average of 3.4), sad statistics reveal.

Over 14,000 doctors have left the country in the past ten years, many of them even during residency. According to statistics, a Romanian physician has decided every six hours that he could not practice and Romania and left to work abroad.

The sad reality is that the Med schools are still up to training future physicians, spending RON 80,000 for every student, but the problems come up when they graduate and go to practice in the hospitals. Young residents have low wages, several times lower than in Western Europe, have no medicines and medical devices to work with in the hospital.

France is topping the preferences of the Romanian doctors who live to work abroad, next to Germany. The communities of the Romanian doctors are second after the local doctors in these countries. Over 3,000 Romanian doctors are practicing in the Great Britain at the moment.

According to a local headhunting company for the medical staff, almost 80% of the doctors want to leave the country to have a better professional track, to have access to a better technology and more professional mentorship programs.

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