A quarter of Romanians go out 2-3 times a week

As Romania is ranking 48th out of 156 countries worldwide in the happiness index (22th in Europe), one of the factors is how its citizens report to leisure.

According to a survey on how Romanians spend their free time conducted by Reveal Marketing Research in October on 1,002 respondents in the urban areas (485 men and 520 women), one in four Romanians go out 2 or 3 times a week, while most of them (31.3%) are aged from 35 to 44. Financial stability is the main asset that allows them to enjoy their spare time, the study says.

Less than one in ten enjoy more frequent going out (4-6 times a week). In this extremely active segment, women are five times more numerous than men, the report being one man to five women.

16.1% of the Romanians go out once a week, or even less often, 2-3 times per month (17.4%). One in ten respondents are not going out at all, either the very young (18-4 years old) or those older than 55.

What Romanians usually do when they go out?

The most popular activities amongst Romanians when they are going out are the least expensive ones. Over 50% of the respondents would rather listen to music, watch movies, walk in the park or just relax.

Gadgets are playing an important part in spending the free time. Romanians, mainly youngsters and those older than 55 (61.8%) love to play on their mobile phone, laptop or console.

At the same time, 44% of thee respondents, regardless of age, admit they are spending their time on social media.

Youngsters under 25 also prefer to cook in their spare time, while adults aged from 35 to 44 like to do sports or have physical activities.

Going out in the city or visiting relatives and friends are also preferred as relaxing time by half of the surveyed youngsters. Only a quarter of the old age representatives prefer going our or visiting.

About one in three Romanians is passionate about reading or traveling, while only one in five would choose to hike or take photos (higher percentage amongst youngsters).

Less popular leisure activities are attending fairs exhibitions or cultural events (one in ten respondents).

As a conclusion, the survey says that Romanians prefer to have simple activities in their spare time, and less expensive. Half of them would choose to spend their spare time indoors, at home, particularly women (54.4%). There is no appetite for cultural or creatives activities or others to develop new abilities or improve their health condition.

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