A Romanian, at the helm of the public transport service in Abu Dhabi

A Romanian will run the public transport in Abu Dhabi. Istvan Csuzi, manager of the public transportation company in Oradea (northwestern Romania) will go to the UAE capital after eight years at the helm of the public transportation authority in Oradea, where he impressed through his modernization ideas: eletronic display bus stations or the e-ticketing through SMS.

Istvan Czuki also managed the local tram revamping process and the building of the first new tram line in Romania after 1989.

According to him, the first step to revamp the local public transportation was to introduce the uniform, then to improve the maintenance system for buses and tram cars. On top of all, Oradea can boast the most performing public transportation in the country, with public vehicles arriving at almost one minute after another.

Now, Istvan Csuzi has got an offer to take over the public transportation helm in Abu Dhabi as of May 1st.

In the United Arab Emirates he will be in charge of designing some complex and quick public transport systems.

According to the general manager of the Abu Dhabi transport company, Jose Costa, the project will stretch over the upcoming five years and is meant to revolutionize the local public transport.

Local authorities plan to invest EUR 1.5 billion only in the tram network, Digi 24 reports.

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