A Romanian City Among Top 10 Best Places to Live in Europe

According to a European Commission report cited by timeout.com, nearly nine out of ten European citizens express satisfaction with their city life.

Zurich emerged as Europe’s top city in the 2023 report, surpassing 82 other cities. Zurich residents rated various aspects positively, including job opportunities, public transport, healthcare services, air quality, and financial conditions.

However, housing affordability remains a challenge, with only 11% finding housing costs manageable. Nevertheless, Zurich boasts a high life satisfaction rate of 97%. Notably, Cluj-Napoca also made it to the top cities in Europe to reside, ranking ninth.

Top 10 best cities in Europe to live in

  1. Zurich
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Groningen
  4. Gdańsk
  5. Leipzig
  6. Stockholm
  7. Geneve
  8. Rostock
  9. Cluj-Napoca
  10. Prague

Top 10 worst cities in Europe to live in

  1. Palermo
  2. Athens
  3. Istanbul
  4. Tirana
  5. Naples
  6. Belgrade
  7. Rome
  8. Skopje
  9. Miskolc
  10. Podgorica
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