A woman dies of breast cancer every three hours in Romania. 7,500 new cases reported in 2017

A study conducted by the Coalition for the Woman’s Health during May-September 2017 reveals that 7,500 new cases of breast cancers have been reported this year, which means there are 21 new cases every day. The survey also shows that a woman dies of breast cancer every three hours.

The study “The burden of the breast cancer in Romania. The benefits of the investigation in a screening program for breast cancer” says that 7,449 women have been diagnosed with breast cancer this year. About 3,500 women lost their lives due to this type of cancer annually.

The study reads that in Romania 90% of the new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed very late, in stages II, III and IV. At the same time, half of the Romanian women diagnosed with this disease are well below the retirement age, while on a average a Romanian woman survives to the breast cancer only 5 more years.

In the case of the women over 65, the mortality due to the breast cancer has increased by 28% in Romania, while a decrease by 14 per cent has been registered in the EU.

As for the healthcare and expenses for this type of cancer, the study shows that only 30% of the annual costs for the breast cancer are direct costs. Over 50% of the indirect costs are caused by productivity losses through premature death, while over 40% are due to temporary or permanent invalidity.

The Coalition for the Woman’s Health shows that if there were a national program of screening for breast cancer, most of the cases would be discovered in incipient stages, while the average individual cost on the oncological treatment would drop by 22%.

In the absence of this national program, only 5% of the women in Romania have undergone a mammography in the past two years.

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