Air-raid shelters installed in Plaurul, where the Russian drones fell near the border with Ukraine

PM Ciolacu: Nobody attacks us, folks. Let's reassure the population, because we are all going crazy.

The Romanian Army announces that the installation of air-raid shelters in Plauru (Tulcea County) has begun on Tuesday, in accordance with a decision of September 7 of the National Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU). At least two drones launched by the Russians, in the war started in Ukraine, fell in Romania, in Plauru.

“In accordance with Decision no. 31 of September 7, 2023 regarding the adoption of protection measures on the national territory in the immediate vicinity of the conflict zone in Ukraine, issued by the National Committee for Emergency Situations, the Ministry of National Defense began on Tuesday, September 12, the works of setting up the protection spaces of the population at the level of Plauru locality in Tulcea county.    

The works are carried out by a detachment of approximately 50 soldiers from the 10th Genius Brigade, who act with 20 technical means, for the installation of two shelters made of prefabricated concrete elements, as well as for the execution of related landscaping works. The shelters, with the dimensions 9.6 m long, 2 m wide (inside) and 1.5 m high (inside), will be handed over, after the completion of the works, to the local authorities of the Ceatalchioi commune”, announces MApN.

The constructions look like concrete tunnels, almost 10 meters long. The shelters are made of prefabricated concrete elements, which form a kind of tunnel almost 10 meters long, with a width of 2 meters and a height of 1.5 meters inside, where the locals can take shelter in case in which drones will fall from the air. Inside, but also outside, sandbags were placed, also with a protective role.

The army used 50 military from the 10 Genius Brigade and 20 technical facilities to install them.


Soldiers from the Romanian Naval Forces discovered new fragments of another drone that crashed on Romanian territory on Saturday.

President Klaus Iohannis said that it is “an absolutely unacceptable violation of Romania’s sovereign airspace!”

Also on Saturday, the chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bucharest was urgently summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which context the State Secretary for Strategic Affairs Iulian Fota conveyed the protest of the Romanian side against the violation of Romania’s airspace.

The Minister of Defense, Angel Tîlvăr, announced on Wednesday that the first indications that remains that can be associated with drone-type equipment were found in Tulcea County, were only found on Tuesday, around 6:00 p.m., and the information provided to President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday, like “no drone” fell in our country, they were correct at the time.

The Romanian Ministry of Defense confirmed on Wednesday that pieces of a Russian drone used in the attacks against the port of Izmail, located 250-300 meters across the Chilia arm, were discovered on Romanian territory.

PM Ciolacu makes call to calm

On the other hand, Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu appealed on Wednesday to reassure the population and emphasized that Romania is not under attack, that there is no danger, that the situation is under control and that it is normal for the state to take certain measures. “No one is attacking us, folks. Let’s calm the population, because we are all going crazy“, said Ciolacu.

“Nothing got out of hand. Secondly, it was a quick intervention of the MApN with the Emergency Situations at a request of the citizens living in that area. There is no danger, but it is normal for the state to take certain measures. It’s a provisional intervention, things will be very well analyzed and there will be a very quick reaction also in the military area for such areas. It was all an accident, there were some remnants of drones that crossed the Danube, we are not talking about an attack on Romania. Ro-Alert has been made in the whole area, the phones are working, they have greater coverage. No one is attacking us, good people. Let’s reassure the population, because we are all going crazy. No one attacked us and no one is attacking us. Some remains jumped from a drone that was hit by the Ukrainian army. He didn’t have explosives, he didn’t have anything that could harm the citizens, but it’s normal, and as prime minister I should have discussions with Raed Arafat, with the Minister of Defense, with the commander of the Army, to take all the assurances”, said the Prime Minister.

He stressed that the situation in the border area with Ukraine, in the Danube Delta, is under control and that’s why we must prepare so that there is no danger.

Yet, PM Ciolacu mentioned that the shelters in Plauru are necessary for the world to be safe. “There are no shelters in that area. There are a lot of things that I haven’t told the press yet, because works are under way. Last night the RO-Alert system worked in the area and until now there was no telephone, coverage everywhere. Those shelters were also made. It really doesn’t look aesthetic, it was a quick intervention because people didn’t feel safe,” said Ciolacu.

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    They managed to find a little drone dropped randomly in Romanian territory???