Alleged ancient wooden shipwreck discovered by anti-corruption prosecutors in Mamaia beach area

A wooden construction, buried in the sand almost entirely, has been traced approximately 2 miles offshore in the area between Modern and 3 Papuci beaches, at a depth of 25 metres. The pieces have been found by the anti-corruption prosecutors who are investigating a file on the extension of the beach areas in Mamaia. The wooden remainders might originate from an ancient shipwreck, local newspaper Info Sud Est reported.

The unearthed wooden pieces are spread on an area of around 20 metres, and they look like the shape of a mast.

According to the above-mentioned source, a piece of around 40cm, detached from the big construction, was collected and is to be sent for the carbon dating test so that experts could establish the precise age from where the wooden fragments date back.

The Constanta National Anti-corruption Directorate started an in rem investigation in January this year to probe into the way the Culture Ministry has approved the project of the beach extension, worth over EUR 750 million.

The prosecutors’ intervention would have occurred after several ancient coins would have been found in the freshly excavated sand offshore.

DNA prosecutors asked for all ships to be banned from exploiting the bottom of the sea in the area that is about to be searched by divers. The area targeted by the prosecutors is about 6 km offshore, opposite to the Modern and 3 Papuci beaches.
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