Almost 4 months after the inauguration, new asphalting needed on Brăila bridge

Drivers noticed again that the asphalt on the recently commissioned Braile Bridge is still uneven and, in some places, cracks have appeared. A month ago, the first traffic lane in the direction towards Brăila was also closed due to cracks in the asphalt.

Not even four months have passed since the opening of the bridge over the Danube and a new asphalting is needed, the second, after the inauguration. From place to place, the bridge is riddled with more and deeper cracks. At the fifth kilometer of the suspension bridge over the Danube, in the direction of Brăila, the asphalt cracked again. The hole is so deep that if you put your hand in, you can touch the deck.

Moreover, the infiltrations that have been detected since 2020 in the resistance structure of the support pillar on the Braila bank of the Danube have not been remedied until now. There is still moisture in the anchor block, which affects the strength of the cables.

The bridge has a 10-year warranty, during which time any repairs are made by the builder.

“It is not the only suspension bridge in the world, I mean there are so many bridges in this world that have asphalt and this does not happen there. As such, we hope and wish that this manufacturer will find that solution or apply that solution, which is also applied in other countries, that will last, because it is not normal for such problems to appear month after month,” said Alin Şerbănescu, spokesperson of the National Company for the Administration Road Infrastructure (CNAIR).

It would not lead to a bridge strength problem, because it will be constantly monitored, it has constant maintenance work, including after the warranty period is over, but it will create additional costs, because a corroded cable will have to be replaced and then instead of changing a cable every 50 years, we’ll have to change a cable every 30 years,” he assured.

The Braila suspension bridge over the Danube was inaugurated on July 6. Shortly after, unevenness appeared on the asphalt of the bridge from the ascent and descent portions, and the authorities blamed the truck drivers who do not respect the summer tonnage limit of 7.5 tons. At the end of August, all 100,000 bolts in the bridge’s structure were checked and 401 were found to be loose. The bridge cost 500 million euros and is the largest infrastructure work in Romania since the Revolution.

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