Andrew Tate’s Arrest in Romania: What We Know So Far

On the 29th of December, former kickboxer, and controversial figure Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania. The news came as a shock to many men who blindly followed him and view him as an inspirational figure, as Tate had been very vocal on social media about his (shady) business endeavors and life.

But what exactly happened, and why was he arrested? In this article, we explore the details behind Andrew Tate’s arrest in Romania, examining all the information that is available at this time. We’ll also discuss how his case will likely unfold in the coming weeks and months. Read on to learn more.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate, a self-described misogynist, is a former professional kickboxer, who offers paid memberships and courses through his website.

He also operated Hustler’s University, where users were incentivized to promote his content on social media platforms along with offering an affiliate marketing program, that highly resembled an MLM scheme. Tate also owns multiple casinos; however, they are all located in Romania. Luckily, fans of strategy games have plenty of better options online on platforms like SlotsLV.

Tate has mainly gathered a mass following as a social media personality by promoting an ultra-masculine lifestyle. However, he’s been suspended from several social media platforms for his controversial comments, including stating in a tweet that women should bear some responsibility for being sexually assaulted.

He was born in Washington but moved to the UK with his brother, notable partner in crime Tristan Tate, and mother after his parent’s divorce. Later in 2017, he moved to Romania, stating he enjoyed the fact that the country’s laws were laxer towards corruption and violence towards women.

Tate’s arrest comes as a shock to many men who followed him, as he is generally beloved and respected in the ultra-masculine community, with many believing this to be a form of censorship towards a figure who is trying to improve their lives.

What happened in Romania?

Romanian authorities arrested the controversial influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan on charges of non-consensual sex and human trafficking. Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism  (DIICOT) have stated that they are also implicated in a scam related to adult content, where potential victims were fooled into believing they were engaging in authentic relationships.

Subsequently, these individuals were moved to houses under tight monitoring and coerced to continue taking part in such videos which were then sold on the internet.

This would not be far-fetched for Tate, as he previously has openly boasted of his part in another unfavorable venture. He told in a previous interview that he and his brother used to run a money-making scam, where seventy-five ladies were paid four dollars for every minute they spoke with men, with Tate and his brother taking the major part of the earnings.

Tate’s lack of empathy, his extreme misogynist views, and his overall tackiness has made him the embodiment of many negative stereotypes in more left-leaning circles. It truly makes him easy to mock by those who do not see eye to eye with him, which he swiftly puts down due to his fragile ego.

And this has most likely led to his downfall. On the 27th of December, he tweeted at climate activist Greta Thunberg about how polluting his sports cars are. Great Thunberg humorously clapped back with a true zinger which is, at the time of writing, recognized as the fourth-most-liked tweet ever. After her response, he took a video alongside a pizza box, with the box bearing the shop’s name, thus indicating his whereabouts.

Of course, the Romanian authorities have denied the claims that he was brought down by this, but it is certainly very interesting timing.

What is the evidence against Andrew Tate?

As it stands, the Tate brothers have not yet been charged with anything. Their lawyers have appealed to end their 30-day detention period, which started after they were arrested in December, but their motion was denied earlier in January. And recently, at the request of prosecutors, the court has extended their detention until the 27th of February.

DIICOT has so far identified six victims who it claims were exploited by Tate’s group, but the report did not specify further details. In spite of everything, the allegations against them are only that. Any evidence against them is currently being veiled from public view.


Andrew Tate’s arrest in Romania has been a shocking and distressing ordeal for the former kickboxing world champion. In spite of police alleging he was involved in organized crime, Tate has maintained his innocence.

With limited details emerging, it will be interesting to see how this story develops over time. Regardless of what happens, we hope that justice is served accordingly.

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