Another Section of Bucharest Ring Road Highway Open to Traffic

Traffic on another 13 kilometers of the southern semi-ring of the Capital Ring Motorway (A0), between DN4 Olteniței Road and DN5 Jilava (Section 1 and Section 2 of the A0 South), was opened today.

Therefore, around half (23.3 km) of the 52 km of the southern semi-ring of the A0 is currently in service, allowing motorway-level links between junctions with the DN6, DN5 and DN4. This highway section thus allows traffic between DN6 Bragadiru and DN4 Popești-Leordeni at highway level, without crossing the current Capital Beltway, bypassing the U.A.T.s Bragadiru, Cornetu, Măgurele, Jilava, 1 Decembrie, Vidra, Berceni and Popești- Leo orders.

The builder, the Turkish company Alsim Alarko, has finished the work on another 7 km, which makes it possible to open traffic on the 6 km of the total 16.3 km of Lot 2 (Vidra- Bragadiru) completed last year.

It was recently announced that you can also drive on the new passage over the Autostrada Bucurestiului, on the sector built between Glina and Vidra. Lot 1 of the Bucharest Motorway – A0 South has a length of 16.9 km, between the towns of Cernica and Jilava, Ilfov county.

In June, another 10 kilometers of Section 1 (Glina-Vidra) will be put into circulation, which will allow ensuring the connection with the Sun Highway (A2), which link Bucharest to the Black Sea coast.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    This Turkish constructor had the Turkic flag hanging under a bridge all this time. Insulte to the nation that hosts and pays. No respect!