Another suspect detained in the case of aggression on gendarmes during Diaspora protest

One of the protesters who is suspected of hitting the gendarme woman during the Diaspora rally on August 10, has been taken on remand by the Bucharest Prosecutor’s Office under the charge of injury and public disturbance.

Defendant I.L.G has been detained for injury and public disturbance. While he was in Victoriei Square during a public rally  on August 10, defendant I.LG. has assaulted a gendarme NCO who was on mission, hitting the gendarme in her back with his leg, after he had previously pulled out her vest. At the same time, by his violent actions committed on the injured party, the defendant has disturbed the public order, by stirring a strong feeling of fear to the numerous people attending the protest meeting,” prosecutors say.

The man will be presented to the court facing the preventive arrest.

He is the second person detained in this case. Another man, aged 32, had been taken on custody for stealing the weapon of the gendarme woman and hitting her in August. The arrest took place on August 14, while the weapon was recovered on August 20.

The 32-year-old man was charged with stealing a weapon and public order disorder.

The man admitted he had kicked the woman gendarme, but denied he had stolen the weapon in the first place. Later on, he admitted the arm theft as well, leading investigators to the place he had buried the weapon.

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