Anti-drone defense system will be installed in Romania

Romania will have a new, modern anti-drone defense system installed on its territory as soon as possible, government sources informed on Friday.

According to them, our country will receive this system for use based on a “G to G” agreement concluded with a partner state, with the agreement of NATO.

The need to install an anti-drone system in Romania occurred as a result of Russian drone attacks on the Danube ports in Ukraine, as a result of which remnants of this military equipment also fell in areas of our country.

In a message sent on Friday to the participants of Bucharest Security Conference, Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said that Russia’s attacks on the Ukrainian ports on the Danube “are not accidental”, in the context in which more than half of the grain export from the neighboring country transits Romania by sea.

“Russian attacks in the vicinity of our territory alarmingly increase the risks of incidents and aggravation. It is clear that Russia will continue to pressure commercial ships and impose no-traffic zones in the Black Sea. The attacks on the Danube border are not accidental, because Russia knows that more than half of Ukrainian grain for export is currently transported through Romanian shipping lanes. It is important to reflect on how NATO will prepare for the scenario in which Russia’s (attacks – n.r.) escalate in Romania, in the Black Sea and Danube region. For the time being, the strengthening of the Allied presence advanced on the Eastern Flank, following the summits in Madrid and Vilnius and especially the most recent additions, is welcome. This is the correct defense position, bearing in mind that Russian provocations do not lacks neither imagination nor versatility”, reads the PM’s message presented at the meeting by Nicolae Comănescu, state adviser for foreign policy and strategic affairs in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery.

According to the prime minister, currently, the Euro-Atlantic allies are facing tensions in the Middle East, where the “terror campaign <>” against Israel is “auspicious in Moscow”.

“Instead of focusing exclusively on Russian threats, sanctions and support for Ukraine, the Euro-Atlantic allies are facing tensions in the Middle East, which have a threatening potential to spill over into Europe. There are already terrorist attacks in Europe, and the secret services increase the level of vigilance to the maximum. Also, there is the specter of another wave of refugees from the Middle East to Europe, with all the known negative impact on the internal politics of European states,” Marcel Ciolacu said.

“There is a fake news campaign regarding the war in Gaza, which finds its echo in Russia’s aggressive disinformation campaign that took place in Europe, at the beginning of the military aggression in Ukraine”, added the prime minister.

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