April 2021 in the top of coldest months in the history. From winter these days to summer in the weekend

The cold temperatures this month of April are to break the negative records. It has been snowing heavily in Covasna and Harghita counties these days, with freezing temperatures in store as well.

Meteorologists say it’s the last outbreak of winter in our country, as the weather will take a sudden turn and temperatures will climb up to 30C by the end of the week.

According to meteorologist Mihai Hustiu from the National Meteorology Administration, these days have seen colder temperatures by 3 Celsius degrees compared to the normal ones. He told Digi24 that the month of April 2021 will enter the top coldest months of April in the history of measurements of meteorological data, probably “ranking third or fourth”.

There were minus 3C in Moldavia on Wednesday morning, and the new pack of snow measuring 5-6 cm.

However, the weather will get increasingly warmer in the upcoming days. “A warm air mass will come from Northern Africa, so there will be more than 25C in several regions at the end of the week. It will be 30C in the south on Sunday, which means the temperatures will be hotter by 7C-8C compared to the regular temperatures this time of the year,” the meteorologist explained.

It will be though colder on the seaside and in the Danube Delta, around 17C-19C.

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