Archbishop of Tomis, placed under judicial control by DNA for bribe taking and forgery

Teodosie Petrescu, Archbishop of Tomis, has been placed on Monday under judicial control by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for 60 days.

His Eminency Teodosie is charged with bribe taking and use in bad faith of documents or false statements, inaccurate or incomplete, in order to unlawfully get European funds, the DNA prosecutors say, informs.

In the same file are criminally investigated also Beca Stere, Bogdan Petrisor Malaxa, Gheorghe Nadoleanu, Ciprian Ioan Cojocaru, mandatory for the Tomis Archbishop, and Stefan Aurelian.

Archbishop Teodosie is accused that, along with others, used fake documents to the Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (A.P.I.A.) in order to receive European funds.

The suspects said they use certain agricultural areas for different crops of vines, but starting in 2010, on those agricultural areas there were not really such crops. In this way, they obtained a total of RON 1,356,973 (approx. EUR 300,000) from the EU budget.

Archbishop Teodosie is accused that in the spring of 2016 he received EUR 500 as bribe to help a person receive legal remuneration in a parish in its subordination.

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