Archbishop Robu: Pope Francis might come to Romania next year

The Roman-Catholic Archbishop of Bucharest, Ioan Robu, stated that it’s almost certain that Pope Francis would pay a visit to Romania next year, when the beatification ceremony of seven Greek-Catholic bishops is scheduled. The seven martyrs lost their lives during the communist regime.

Questioned in Cluj-Napoca on Friday if there are details on Pope Francis’ visit in Romania, Ioan Robu said that the Romanian Presidency and Patriarchy had invited the pontiff to the Catholic Bishops Conference.

The Holly Father has been invited to Romania. We don’t know when he is coming, but we are almost certain he will come next year. We could see a link between the Pope’s visit and the beatification of the Greek-Catholic bishops (…) We think he will agree to do the beatification when he comes to Romania. Further delays in the process of preparing the beatification in Rome can be accelerated if Pope Francis’ visit has an exact date,” Archbishop Robu stated.

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