Archbishop Teodosie Under Criminal Investigation by DNA for Influence Peddling

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has announced the commencement of a criminal investigation against Archbishop Teodosie for the offense of influence peddling. In the same case, an advisor within the Tomis Archdiocese is also criminally charged with complicity in influence peddling.
According to DNA prosecutors, in July 2023, ‘suspect Petrescu Teodosie, in the mentioned capacity, allegedly promised the sum of 160,000 lei to a businessman (a witness in the case), representing a 20% share of the amount of 800,000 lei.

The latter was supposed to obtain it for the Tomis Archdiocese, following the use of influence he claimed to have over decision-making officials in this matter within the Secretariat of State for Cults.’ The other suspect participated in that discussion, negotiating the terms in which the mentioned ‘understanding’ was to be implemented.

The sum of 800,000 lei was intended for financing construction or rehabilitation works on worship units under the jurisdiction of the Tomis Archdiocese.

The Romanian Patriarchate has reacted through its spokesperson, Vasile Bănescu:

“Judicial authorities, like church authorities, are naturally interested in clarifying any case of real corruption. Sanctioning and combating this societal scourge, which can also affect the Church, is primarily a moral duty. One whose fulfillment honors and whose non-fulfillment dishonors. Civil law and moral law are given to be respected for the benefit of the community, including the ecclesiastical one.”

Over time, Archbishop Teodosie has positioned himself through several controversial statements, and during the pandemic, he contested the anti-COVID measures imposed by the authorities.

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