At least three injured following explosion at Cugir weapons plant

An explosion occurred at the weapons plant in Cugir, with at least three workers suffering burns.
Two victims have been identified: a 53yo woman who has burns on 40% of her body and a 58yo woman who suffered less severe burns. The 53yo woman was taken to hospital with  SMURD medevac helicopter.
According to the preliminary information, the blast occurred in the area of the trial tunnel.
Nicolae Albu, the prefect of Alba county, told Digi24 that there had not been an explosion per se, but a powder outburst. “It’s not an open fire. Rescue teams are currently intervening on the scene”, he said.
The Alba Service for Emergency Situations has also mentioned that there are is no visible fire flame at this point, while firemen are intervening to put it out.
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