Augustin Lazar requests public apologies and moral damages of RON 1 from the Justice Ministry

Augustin Lazar requests moral damages of RON 1 and that the Justice Ministry is compelled to post on its website a release with public apologies for the report on his managing activity, a court action submitted on Tuesday to the Alba Iulia Court of Appeals reads.

Following the publishing of the decree regarding the release from office, as of April 27, from the position of Prosecutor General and on his retirement, Lazar’s attorney Ovidiu Podaru said, at the hearings on Tuesday, that the request to suspend the revocation procedure initiated by the Justice Minister in October last year, has remained without purpose, reports.

Ovidiu Podaru has also mentioned that he has filed to the Alba Iulia Court of Appeals an appeal in annulment regarding the provisions of the report, which are ‘illegal’ and ‘not true’.


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