Austrian retailers invest in the vocational education of Romanian students by launching o’SCAR

Even if dual education system in Romania does not officially exist yet, foreign companies on the local market are very interested in the concept and have already begun to launch projects according to the requirements of the system which is applied for many years already in the West (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Thus, Austrian Embassy in Bucharest – Commercial Section, along with Billa, C&A, Deichmann, Kika, Hervis Sports, Humanic and DM Drogerie Markt launched on Tuesday Austrian Commercial School in Romania (?coala Comerciala Austriaca din Romania – o’SCAR).

“It is a challenge for us to increase the qualification level of young people and to avoid unemployment. Romania is facing labor migration, with low productivity and low incomes. All are the results of lack of qualification and affects the local economy. Austrian employers have problems in finding well-qualified employees,” Rudolf Lukavsky, Commercial Counsellor at Austrian Embassy said in a press conference.

o’SCAR project involves two professional education classes, 56 students, in the Economic College “Costin C. Kiritescu” in Bucharest, based on the dual education – a combination of theoretical and practical information. The program lasts three years and provides to eighth grade youth vocational training courses in the profession of merchant-seller in food and non-food areas (footwear, fashion, sports, furniture).

These seven companies are part of the admission commission and the pre-selection phase contains a test in the school and an interview with companies. The first phase of admission starts this July and ends in September.

The practical component of the program has an increasingly share, growing year after year: the first year (80 percent – theory, 20 percent – practice), second year (40 percent – theory, 60 percent – practice) and third year (28 percent – theory, 72 percent – practice).

After finishing the courses, o’SCAR graduates will have priority in the recruitment processes of the seven Austrian retailers. Moreover, all apprentices will get a monthly scholarship during schooling of RON 400 – state (RON 200) and companies (RON 200). Finally, young people will receive a diploma which is nationally and internationally recognized.

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