Bear in agony on the road for almost a day after being hit by a car

A bear was injured in a car crash in Praid, Harghita county on Saturday around 6 p.m. and it stayed on the road in agony until Sunday at noon before the vets had tranquilized it.

There were three people in the car that hit the bear, including a child who suffered a panic attack.

As authorities didn’t manage to take a decision about the injured bear, they left it on the road in agony for almost a day. In the end, the decision was taken to shoot the bear. Police have opened a criminal case, while Interior minister Marcel Vela started the procedure to dismiss the Harghita county prefect for the way “local authorities have managed the case of the bear”.

Representatives of a NGO that take care of the animals in the Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti said the bear’s wounds were far too serious, three broken legs and it would have been impossible for it to survive into the woods.

In the end, a vet from the Veterinarian College came and tranquilized the bear.

The Environment minister has also voiced discontent about the local authorities’ intervention.
I am absolutely outraged, the local authorities had all legal procedures at hand to tranquilize the bear, to have a report on its medical condition and to see if the animal can be saved”, Environment minister Costel Alexe said, adding that in this case the local public authorities foisted the responsibility without intervening.

The minister said the intervention duty belonged to the Gendarmerie and to the vets in the county.

It’s inhuman to let an animal in agony as long as nothing in the law prevented you to take actions”, he argued.

People have voiced their outrage on the social media.

“The country where we are looking on an animal in agony by a European roadside almost 12 hours because someone is probably not answering the phone”, a Facebook user commented, while sharing the photos with the injured bear.

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