Beetroot coffee invented by a Romanian in Serbia

A Romanian from the Serbian town of Vlaicovat, located at several kilometers form Virset, invented the coffee from beetroot and patented it in Belgrade.

“This coffee is the result of some researches initiated in 2012. I patented it under the brand of Sorogat cafe na bazi svekle. It is unique in the world,” Nicolae Cotarla told Agerpres.

The technology of obtaining coffee from beetroot is quite complicated, needing several processing stages, the most important being the vegetable’s dehydration.

The unusual coffee is sold in Serbia and Germany.

As for its therapeutic qualities, the coffee has a high content of A,B,C and PP vitamins, proteins and minerals and is recommended for treating anemia, flu and for boosting immunity.

As it is not bad for health, the “beetroot” coffee can be also drunk by pregnant women, cardiac or diabetic persons and even by children. You can enjoy the coffee before or after breakfast, lunch or even dinner, as it doesn’t cause insomnia like other type of coffees.




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