Bomb found on coach in Hungary, may have been planted by ISIS. Several Romanians onboard

A bus was stopped, evacuated and secured by Hungarian engineers on Sunday night after a homemade bomb was discovered in the luggage compartment. Authorities in Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia have joined efforts to identify the man who had tried to blow up passengers, ProTV informs.

The suspect is a young man of about 25, wearing sunglasses and cap. It is assumed he is a Czech or a Slovak.

Omega Bulgarian transport company bus was travelling from Prague and was to make stops in several cities and Romania.

The owner of the company, Dragomir Petkova, said that among the 34 passengers, 6 or 8 were Romanians and the rest – Bulgarians.

Bulgarian sources have claimed that a powerful bomb found on a long-distance coach at the Annahegy motorway rest stop in the Hungarian town of Törökbálint may have been planted by ISIS or another Middle Eastern terrorist group, reports further.

The pipe bomb was planted on Omega Group’s bus heading from Prague to the Bulgarian city of Varna by a Czech or Slovak citizen, according to the carrier’s director Dragomir Petkova. The passenger boarded the bus in Prague with a ticket to Bratislava but got off in Brno and failed to pick up his luggage, which overturned en route and began leaking a trenchant fluid. The bag was subsequently searched by police on Saturday evening.

According to the Hungarian daily Népszabadság, police told the thirty-four passengers and two drivers who were travelling on the bus that they are lucky to be alive after locating the powerful bomb.

Speaking to Bulgarian media, counter-terrorism expert Ivan Boyadziev said that on the basis of similar explosives found earlier, the bomb was probably planted on the bus by ISIS or another Middle Eastern terrorist group. However, the general also recalled a 1985 bomb attack carried out by pro-Turkish extremists on the Sofia-Burgas route. The explosion killed three children and four women; nine other people injured.


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