Bombshell shot at Saber Guardian exercise falls in a local’s garden near Cincu shooting range

A metallic ammunition fragment from a rebound has fallen on a land on the margin of Merghindeal village in Sibiu county, about 300 metres from the margin of Cincu shooting range, without causing victims, the Romanian Ministry of Defence announced.

Official sources stated on Friday morning that the bombshell has been shot during exercises at Saber Guardian 17 taking place in Cincu and landed in the garden of a villager. The local from Merghindeal called 112 reporting the incident.

MApN said later on that the ammunition fragment rebounded on a land on the margins of Merghindeal, about 300 metres away from the Cincu shooting range.

The ammunition has caused no explosion.

A team led by the commander of the Getica National Training Center went on the scene to investigate the causes of the event.

Shootings with artillery ammunition and tanks took place at Cincu shooting range on Thursday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., according to MApN.

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