British FM Hammond mentions IS fighters transiting Romania, Bulgaria

While attending a international debate in London with representatives from 21 of the allies to discuss how to defeat the terror network and boost humanitarian aid, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond stressed the importance of preventing more international Islamic State fighters – often travelling through European transit points such as Bucharest and Sofia – reaching the war zone and said Britain was “working very closely” with the security services concerned. “Turkey is doing a fantastic job of intercepting people who are seeking to get across the border into Syria,” Hammond said.

As if confirming the British FM’ statements, no later than Thursday an Albanian citizen suspected of terrorism has been arrested on an airport in Sicily, Italy after showing up at a boarding gate for a flight to Romania, although he had an air-travel ticket to Great Britain. According to the Italian media, the man had bought a ticket to London online, but aroused suspicion after going to a boarding gate intended for passengers of a flight to Romania. The name of the Albanian citizen appeared on a list of suspects. Italian authorities have a picture of him holding a Kalashnikov gun.



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