Bucharest City Hall – Accept agreement: Pride Parade to take place on Calea Victoriei, but with maximum 500 participants

The Bucharest City Hall and the ACCEPT Association reached an agreement on Monday on the organization of “Bucharest Pride Parade” 2021. The Commission for approving the requests for organizing public meetings in Bucharest approved the organization by the ACCEPT Association of the march “Bucharest Pride” 2021 on Calea Victoriei in on 14 August, with a maximum number of 500 people, in accordance with the Decision of the National Committee for Emergency Situations, which provides for an upper limit of 500 participants in rallies and demonstrations.

Also, the representatives of the Capital asked the ACCEPT Association to comply with the legal provisions in force throughout the march, including those on measures to prevent and combat the effects of the Sars Cov2 pandemic.

Considering the fact that the organization of two events, at the same time, can generate safety risks according to the specialized bodies, but also the pandemic context in which we find ourselves, the project” Open Streets “will be suspended on Saturday, August 14. Starting with Sunday, August 15, it will be resumed, in normal conditions of development”, the Capital City Hall transmitted.

Several representatives of the ACCEPT Association protested on Friday in front of the Capital City Hall after the institution led by Nicușor Dan did not authorize the organization of the Bucharest Pride march on Calea Victoriei, accusing the Bucharest municipality of “homophobia”.

Immediately after the protest, the Capital City Hall motivated that it proposed other variants for the parade to take place , Magheru boulevard and Kiseleff road, because, on the weekend, Calea Victoriei becomes pedestrian during the “Open Streets” event and the march could not take place safely.

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