Bucharest City Hall budget rectification: RON 200m cuts from investments in streets, hospitals, more money for ‘recreational activities and religion’

The Bucharest City Hall has envisaged a new budget rectification, to be debated on Thursday, during the General Council’s sitting. According to the draft, several institutions have requested the diminishing of budgets in 2018.

Thus, the Streets Administration calls for a budget cut of RON 153.7 million and the Hospitals Administration requests a cut of RON 47.8 million, ziare.com reports.

The previous budget rectification, in September, approved lower budget for the Streets Administration, leading thus to the employees’ protests against the lease of equipment to other institutions subordinated to the municipality and because they should resign and then get employed by municipal companies.

Furthermore, several theatres have requested budget cuts – Metropolis, Maca, Odeon, Tandarica and Nottara.

The draft includes the budget increase for other institutions, such as CREART, by RON 464,000.

A large increase is to be operated to institutions within the ‘culture, recreational activities and religion’ fields – more than RON 70 million. In July this year, the City Hall approved RON 10 million more for the National Redemption Cathedral, the same source informs.

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