Bucharest City Hall spends tens of thousands of euros on Dragobete decorations

Bucharest City Hall has spent more EUR 65,000 on Dragobete (Romanians St. Valentine’s Day) decorations.

The “shopping list” includes “heart-shaped bed decorations”, “heart-shaped flowers” and “diamond ring decorations”. The City Hall has made the acquisitions through the Municipal Recreation Company within the Capital City Hall.

The information was disclosed by the former USR candidate for District 1 city hall, French born Clotilde Armand, on her Facebook page.

According to her, Bucharest mayoress Gabriela Firea has bought by direct assigned purchase renting outdoor lighting decorations worth EUR 22,555.352 without VAT a lighting curtain made of 30 lighting strings, a heart-shaped bed decoration, a diamond ring decoration and a heart-shaped flower decoration.

A day ago, Clotilde Armand revealed there were more decorations bought actually.

If you didn’t enjoy the decorations bought yesterday, we have more others starting today: exhibition stall consisting of wooden floor, blue wall-to-wall carpet, floor cloth, crossbars, lighting fittings, two info desks, two white bar-like chairs, a six –chair table, a grey couch, with another table and two chairs, coffee machine, all worth EUR 28,205 without VAT,” Armand posted.

Flower arrangements were also bought, flower decorations for the entrance gate and for the decorative trees with spring theme, and heart-shaped flower decorations, made of artificial flowers and greenery, all worth EUR 15,512 without VAT.

I almost forgot, they also purchased customized bracelets, balloons and magnets, from our money. Mrs. Firea has far more important priorities. The hospitals and the Bucharest traffic congestion, or the buildings with seismic risks can wait,” Clotilde Armand added.

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