Bucharest Prefect heard by prosecutors on the Diaspora protest: Intervention order in full accordance with the law, she argues

Bucharest Prefect, Speranta Cliseru, the one who signed the order that Okayed the gendarmes’ intervention against protesters in Victoriei Square during the Diaspora rally on August 10, has been heard for several hours at the Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday. A criminal complaints is filed against her for abuse of office in this case.

On her way out, the prefect of the Capital city told journalists she had come as a witness, stressing she had not been present at the meeting, although the gendarme chief who coordinated the riot police intervention revealed several days ago that the prefect had been on the scene on the evening of August 10.

I want to clarify things. I have strictly observed the law, as opposed to what has been rumored in the public space, I don’t understand why they wanted to denigrate the Prefect’s Office, we are not doing politics, we observe the Prefect’s law. You should trust us for we observe the law. I cannot go into details or explain the way other institutions have acted. I only talk about me. I have observed the law and that intervention order has been in full accordance with the law. I answered to you: the law has been carried out,” Speranta Cliseru stated.

She said she hadn’t witnessed the events in Victoriei Square on August 10 for she had not been present there.

I didn’t meet the Interior ministers. I cannot comment. I gave no order that anyone should be injured. The law was observed. I didn’t witness the violence for I was not in the Square,” she added, denying to make further comments.

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