Bucharest public health body proposes restaurant shut down, ban on private events with more than 50 people

Bucharest Public Health Direction has tabled several recommendations to the Bucharest Committee for Emergency Situations after the growing number Covid-19 infections in the Capital city.

The draft recommends the restaurants shut down, ban on private events that gather more than 50 people and ban on the open-air religious processions.

DSP explained that recommendations had come after the incidence rate in Bucharest in the past 14 days has been 1.86, so higher than 1.5, as the existing law stipulates to close restaurants.


  • banning private events inside event rooms;
  • banning private events in restaurants and cafes if there are more than 50 people;
  • mandatory face masks near schools less than 10 metres;
  • closing restaurants, bars and cafes;
  • banning open air religious processions; Raed Arafat, the head of the Emergency Situations Direction said that only believers from the respective locality will be able to attend these processions, referring mostly to the upcoming St. Parascheva procession in Iasi.
  • increasing checks in the public transportation means, in fairs and indoor pools;

Proposals were sent to the Municipal Committee for Emergency Situations that will take a decision in its meeting on Tuesday, October 6, at 11:00hrs.

Among the measures to be analysed is also the lockdown of localities that exceed 3 cases per thousand inhabitants in the past 14 days.

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