Bucharesters may travel by subway and by bus using single ticket

The Bucharest City Hall has decided that the people travelling throughout Bucharest may use only one ticket to travel by subway and by bus, as of December 10. The tickets will be bought from the subway stations and from the Bucharest Transport Company (RATB) kiosks, as well as from automatic ticket machines, a draft approved on Monday by the Bucharest City Hall General Council reads.

The draft was approved by 32 votes ‘for’, 6 abstentions and no votes against.

“This is a first step to be launched on December 10. Actually, the citizens will be able to travel by subway and by bus using the same ticket,” Bucharest Mayor General Gabriela Firea said.

According to the mayor, the single ticket will cost RON 5 if valid for 60 minutes and RON 34 for ten trips of 60 minutes each. One-day season ticket, with unlimited trips, will cost RON 17.

Mayor Firea added that after the talks with Transport Minister Felix Stroe, the internal and legal procedures have started so that the system is implemented as soon as possible.

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