Bulgarian Interior Ministry denies media reports of search for Romanian and French citizens allegedly linked to the IS. ID cards were faked, MAE says

Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry has denied media reports it is looking for two suspected terrorists allegedly linked to Islamic State group, 24 Chasa reported on Sunday evening.
The information that appeared in Bulgarian media earlier in the day was “wrong interpretation of measures being taken by the Interior Ministry”, the ministry said in a statement, according to the news daily.
The measures that had been subject to wrong interpretation included increased security in the city of Burgas, on the Black Sea coast, relating to the Spirit of Burgas music festival as well as steps directed against illegal migration and circulation of fake identity documents, novinite.com reports, quoting the Interior Ministry.
Media information of Sunday reported that security services in Bulgaria were seeking two people, a French and a Romanian citizen, allegedly linked to the “Islamic State” terrorist organization. According to the Bulgarian National TV, quoted by GlobeSofia.com, Ezidis Elham, a 29-year-old French citizen of Iranian origin, and Mimo Popescu, a 24-year-old Romanian would be in Sofia these days, being sought by the authorities.
Bulgarian media also presented a photo of the Romanian man’s ID card, but according to it, the first figure of the Personal Identification Number is even, which denotes the card is fake, as the ‘2’ first figure of the Personal Identification Number is assigned to women in Romania.
Heavy security was noticed at Bulgaria’s border checkpoints at airports and railway stations, Bulgarian National Radio said.
The media also reported that the Prosecutor-General Sotir Tsatsarov had been informed about the case and was being kept up to date, according to BNT.
The Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) issued a release informing about the Bulgarian Interior Ministry details, saying media information are not real. MAE also confirms the ID cards were faked.

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