Businessman Elan Schwartzenberg gets rid of preventive arrest, arrest warrant withdrawn

Bucharest Tribunal has admitted businessman Elan Schwartzenberg’s appeal on Friday and lifted the preventive arrest measure against him. The APB and arrest warrant against him will be also withdrawn after the ruling becomes final. Now it can be challenged by appeal within 48 hours.

Romanian Police issued an APB against businessman Elan Schwartzenberg on June 14, 2016. His picture was published on the Police website after the Bucharest Court issued an arrest warrant in absentia on his name.

The Romanian-Israeli businessman will be sought after on the Romanian territory and if he is not found, the notification will go internationally and will be published on the Europol and Interpol websites.

The anti-corruption prosecutors asked for Elan Schwartzenberg’s arrest on May 30, being charged with complicity to bribery. The National Anti-corruption Directorate argues that the businessman “has hidden to escape criminal prosecution.”

“In 2011, defendant Schwartzenberg Emilian helped Morgenstern Avraham, the owner of a private company, to give the former mayor of Constanta Radu Mazare EUR 175,000 so that the former mayor should help that company win a public tendering related to the construction of the Henri Coanda social campus, worth around EUR 10 million,” reads the DNA release.

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