Businessman Vasile Turcu, ex-Dinamo shareholder in hospital after suicide attempt

Former shareholder of Dinamo football club in Bucharest, Vasile Turcu, aged 62, was hospitalized at Floreasca hospital on Wednesday in serious condition, apparently in cardiac arrest, after a failed suicide attempt. Sources closed to his family told ProSport that the former Dinamo shareholder is intubated at present and has a hematoma on his brain and several broken ribs, with doctors trying to stabilize him.

Medical sources had confirmed that Turca tried to kill himself by hanging. The businessman was found by a member of the his family and the SMURD rescue team has come in due time and managed to resuscitate and rush him to the hospital.

Vasile Turcu has recently revealed to ProSport newspaper that he considers coming back in the football business, six years after he had given up the shares at Dinamo.

Less than a month ago, Turcu mentioned that he would like to team up again with Cristi Borcea and Nicolae Badea, next to whom he had invested in Dinamo football club.

Also owner of a constructions holding rejoining nine constructions companies, Romconstruct, Turcu had a fortune assessed to EUR 130-135 M in 2010, ranking the 57th in the top of the wealthiest businessmen in Romania. He was also president of the Romanian Industry Employers Confederation, CONPIROM. However, following the financial crisis in 2012, Turcu’s fortune began to wear down, bringing him on the verge of bankruptcy. He was forced to close his luxury restaurant and to sell his shareas at Dinamo, to limit the activities of Romconstruct following shortage of contracts with the state and he stepped down the CONPIROM leadership.

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