Camera Captures Five Newly Hatched Stork Chicks in Romania

In one of the more than 1700 stork nests registered last year by the Ornithological Society of Romania (SOR), new tenants appeared. The nest is monitored with a video camera, and those interested can view live images. In this nest, new residents have hatched from the eggs.

Five stork chicks just hatched can be seen live these days through a video camera mounted above a nest by the Ornithological Society of Romania (SOR) as part of the “Watch the Stork” project, now in its eighth year. The project has the support of Enel Romania (most of the nests are located on electricity poles) and has an application where those interested can report a stork nest.

In 2023, according to SOR, the number of white storks (Ciconia ciconia) registered was 5,446 individuals, of which 2,882 are adults and 2,564 are chicks. After collecting all observations and removing multiple records of the same nests, a total of 1,706 nests were reviewed, of which 426 were new nests that did not previously exist in the SOR database. Last year, Of the 1,706 nests reviewed, 997 are on utility poles and are unsupported, 686 nests are on utility poles and have metal supports, and the remaining 23 nests are located on chimneys, roofs and trees.

The application is available on both Android and iOS.

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