Caracal case: JusMin wants to amend the laws to enable house searches also at night. The conclusion on the coroners’ tests

Justice Minister Ana Birchall has announced on Thursday that she had initiated an emergency ordinance draft to amend the legislation in order to toughen the conditions for the release on parole and to propose higher prison sentences for crimes against persons.

The Justice minister’s move comes after the Caracal case, in which a man is accused of killing two teen girls after kidnapping and raping them.

At the same time, there will be amendments on the prosecutors’ and policemen’s intervention in cases of house raids. More precisely, the prosecutor is compelled to act immediately and not in 24 hours to approve a house search. The house search could be conducted also at night, after 10 p.m. and before 6 a.m., in order to catch suspects red-handed or to remove any criminal situation or to save human lives.

The house search warrant will be valid for 15 days.

Justice Minister also proposes higher prison sentences for kidnapping, from 2 years to 8 years and from 8 to 18 years if the offense has ended with the abducted person’s death.

Minister Birchall wants to tighten conditions for the release on parole. As for the DIICOT, the minister proposes that the anti-terrorism and organised crime body should have extended authority on such crimes as abduction or enslavement.

Results of the investigation on Forensic Medicine Institute to be sent to Alexandra Măceşanu’s family

Early this month, Ana Birchall was the one who informed Alexandra Măceşanu’s family, one of the Caracal victims, that the DNA from the bones and ash found in the aggressor’s house belongs to Alexandra.

However, the girl’s family and his uncle, Alexandru Cumpanasu, have challenged the test results and as a consequence, the Health Ministry has sent its Control Body to the National Forensic Medicine Institute (INML) to check if the tests had been run properly. Today, Health Minister Sorin Pintea announced she had received the Control Body report and that results will be sent to Alexandra Măceşanu’s family tomorrow at the latest.

Alexandru Cumpănaşu had said back then that he is not convinced 100% that Alexandra had been murdered, asking for an international expertise on the bones.

The health ministry’s report on the INML’s tests revealed that the Institute has observed the procedures in running the DNA tests.

“Even if the evidence have been strongly altered and the tests were conducted with difficulty the expertise was drafted and carried out in 5 working days”, the report says.

Gheorghe Dinca’s wife and children taken for hearings, incidents with the journalists. Lawyer: The wife has destroyed evidence

The wife of Gheorghe Dincă, the alleged killer from Caracal, has been subpoenaed before the investigators. Elena Dincă and the couple’s three children, two men and a woman, have been taken for hearings at DIICOT on Thursday. Upon arrival, they shoved the journalists.

Neither Gheorghe Dincă’s wife nor their children wanted to talk to the journalists and pushed them away in order to enter the DIICOT building.

Tonel Pop, representing the family of Luiza Melencu, the other alleged victim in this case, has said on Thursday upon leaving the DIICOT HQs that Elena Dincă, the wife of the main suspect in the Caracal murders, has altered and destroyed evidence in this file, yet not mentioning if the woman did that on purpose or not.

The lawyer added that both Gheorghe Dincă’s wife and also their children have changed their testimonies on Thursday compared to the ones initially given to the investigators.

When I started asking questions, things went nuts, she started to shiver, she blushed and answered with three contradictions in the same phrase, she started denying and then coming back (…) In my view, this lady is totally lying (...)”, the Melencus’ defender argued.

Previously on Tuesday, Pop stated that Elena Dincă knows more than she has testified so far, so she should be heard by the prosecutors.

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