Caracal crime case: Dinca would have got money by bank transfers. More bone fragments found. Victim’s lawyer banned from attending searches over revealings

The investigators have resumed searches in the Caracal murder case on, on Wednesday at Gheorghe Dinca’s house, where he said he had killed two teenagers, Alexandra Macesanu and Luiza Melencu, but also in the neighbourhood.

Prosecutors are also probing into some banking operations after they found out Gheorghe Dinca would have benefited of various amounts of money by bank transfers. Investigators are checking Dinca’s recent operations to see if there is any connection between these sums and certain crimes, judiciary sources said.

DIICOT prosecutors have found human remains on Monday, a sack of bones and ash in a forest near Caracal where the murderer said he had hidden evidence. He claimed there were the human remains of Luiza Melencu (aged 18) whom he would have murdered in April, on the same day he had kidnapped her.

At the same time, investigators have discovered more bone fragments and teeth in a tree line on the road from Caracal to Bucharest on Tuesday, in the area pointed by Gheorghe Dinca. Coroners established the bones are human.

Several people were heard in this case, while prosecutors carried out more computer searches at the aggressor’s house.

Melencus’ lawyer banned from searches following doubts voiced in mass media

On the other hand, the lawyer of Melencu family, Tonel Pop, has again questioned the found evidence, wondering how’s possible there are still traces of ash after all these months and after it had rained in the area.

Tonel Pop has joined investigators during searches.

“It was ash and bones thrown down in the grass, the sacks were thrown 6-7 metres away, the bones were in a different place, the bags were elsewhere.

There were traces of ash. In my view, if those ash traces and leftovers of calcined bones had stayed there for months , they should have definitely been covered by grass, by vegetation, affected by rains and mud. The bags seemed clean, there was no water, mud, that ash did not seem it had been there for long,” the lawyer argued.

Pop said biologists will have to study the remains.

“I have this doubt that this evidence has not been there for months as Dinca claims, they seemed just thrown there”, he added.

Following his disclosures, lawyer Tonel Pop has been banned from attending searches. He announced the case prosecutors had forbidden him to join investigators in their inquiry and in the house searches. Pop accused that investigators don’t want him to know anymore how the criminal prosecution is going.

He (editor note: the case prosecutor) is making up excuses to set me traps in order to intimidate me to prevent me and the family I represent what the are doing there. I left for he had forbidden me to stay (…) they don’t like what I am saying about them, they don’t like me and anyone to know what they’re not doing or doing wrong“, Pop argued.

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  • Mwandu

    This story is confusing,dinca must be probed well he’s got an hidden agenda which he doesn’t want to disclose.