Caracal murder case: STS director resigns, 112 operator – the first pointed as responsible

Ionel-Sorinel Vasilca, director of the Special Telecommunication Service (STS) has announced his resignation on Monday, arguing he doesn’t want to affect the prestige of the institution in the Caracal murder case.

STS head’s resignation has been repeatedly asked in the past days over the murder of the 15yo teen girl from Caracal.

At the same time, according to the Interior Ministry’s preliminary report in this case, the 112 operator who talked to Alexandra when she had desperately called 112 three times complaining she had been kidnapped and raped, has been identified as the first to blame in this case, being accused of not advising the girl properly and of not asking details about the place where she was being held hostage.

112 is the Romanian emergency telephone number that can be dialed free of charge from most mobile telephones and fixed telephones in order to reach emergency services.

Vasilca explains resignation

In the resignation filed to President Iohannis, STS head Ionel Sorinel Vasilca says his resignation doesn’t come following his or the service’s blame in this case but because he doesn’t want to affect the prestige of STS.

I want to inform you that, starting July 29, 2019, I have forwarded my resignation as STS director to Romania’s President. I want to mention that my resignation has not been filed following the existence of any syncope, inadvertence or following the slightest shadow of guilt in exerting the takeover and tracking of 112 emergency calls by STS, or because of my dereliction of duty or because I haven’t assumed responsibilities related to my job,” reads a note released by Vasilca.

He explained that he had resigned in order to not affect the institution’s prestige.

STS has announced on Saturday that in the Caracal case there have been no inadvertence, syncope or technical errors and if there is a mistake it is related to the delayed communication.

Their explanation comes after the Police had accused STS that it had provided information about the missing girl’s tracking too late.

The ruling coalition and PM Viorica Dancila have asked President Iohannis to sack STS director.

Interior minister Nicolae Moga, STS resigning director Sorinel Vasilca, the dismissed head of the Romanian Police Ioan Buda and the director of the General Directorate of internal Protection within the Interior Ministry are to be heard today in the Defence Committee of the Chamber of Deputies in this case.

First responsible identified: the 112 operator

According to the ministry’s report, the police officer from the Olt County police Inspectorate who has taken over the girl’s call has proved “a reluctant attitude” and has not got involved in obtaining the data that should lead to the identification of the location where Alexandra was. The 112 operator is also accused he had not given the girl the proper advice to what she should do until the police reached her.

The ministry’s conclusion comes after the experts had heard the audio recording of the 112 calls made by Alexandra Măceșanu.

The Interior ministry is conducting an internal investigation to probe how the employees have acted in this case.

8 policemen investigated

Overall, five police officers and three agents are investigated in the case of Caracal crimes, while the Prosecutor’s Office in Caracal is probing into the case of the 112 operator who took over Alexandra’s calls.

“Following checks of the Control Body of the minister, several deficiencies have been identified, including within the management of the Olt Police County Inspectorate, regarding a lack of involvement of the police county chiefs in coordinating the forces under their command,” reads the ministry’s report.

Alexandra’s uncle, NGO activist Cumpanasu files complaints to the General Prosecutor’s Office

Alexandru Cumpănaşu, Alexandra’s uncle and president of the Nationa Coalition for Romania Modernisation, has filed complaints to the General Prosecutor’s Office against all institutions who acted in the Caracal murders, accusing them of not doing their job.

The complains are against the STS representatives, the staff of the Interior Ministry, against the Olt and Craiova prosecutor’s offices, against the judge who issued the search warrant and against others.

The parents agreed the complaints. Believe me, apart from my hatred and my determination to fight this system, these people have other concerns, their major issue is to take care of Alexandra’s funeral,” Cumpănaşu stated.

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