CCR postpones again decision on Ombudsman’s referral on the law banning convicted persons to have positions in the Gov’t

The Constitutional Court has postponed on Tuesday, for the second time, a decision on the notification made by the Ombudsman about Law 90/2001, by which convicted persons are banned to occupy positions in the government.

The referral was made in early January by Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea, a day after the Grindeanu government was sworn in at Cotroceni Palace, reports.

The Constitutional Court debated on March 7 the notification submitted by the Ombudsman, but postponed a decision to March 21. “We failed to reach a solution. We feel the need to deepen the cause and better analyze the alternatives that were discussed today. (…) The analysis is to give a good solution, not a wrong solution,” said at the time the Chairman the Constitutional Court, Valer Dorneanu.

On January 5,Victor Ciorbea said he had sent a notification to the Constitutional Court regarding the Law 90/2001 which stipulates that government members may be individuals who have not been criminally convicted and are not in incompatibility.

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