Citizens, companies table over 3,000 proposals to cut administration red tape

The Paper Shredding Committeeonline platform launched by the Government two weeks ago to cut the public administration red tape received overd 3,000 proposals from the Romanian citizens and companies. The total cut or the merging of payments for releasing ID card topped the Romanians’ demands.

Romanians also want that criminal records should be communicated among the public institutions, that revenue stamp should be replaced with a more accessible payment system. Romanians ask for the inter-operability of the data base between the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) and the Interior Ministry or the Romanian Police so that offenders should not be compelled to send or keep the proof of the payment for road fines. They would also like fewer stages for drafting a vehicle registration file, informs the Ministry for Public Consultation and Dialogue.

Romanian citizens call for a single application and the cutback of the papers asked when filing requests for social benefits: child benefits, unemployment allowances, etc.

The most often mentioned public institutions were ANAF, the Romanian Police and the Interior Ministry.

The proposals referring to simplifying procedures in the public administration bodies are being centralized, with PM Dacian Cioloș and deputy premier Vasile Dincu convening a meeting of the inter-ministerial working group on this topic on Tuesday.

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  • Bob

    The only way any changes are going to work is if it is tasked outside the ‘system’ with competent people to appraise the validity and suggestions to evolve workable solutions. Governments and bureaucracies have an annoying habit of screwing it up through either looking to their own advantage, or being resistant to change anyway. Most have an appalling track record in modernisation and streamlining.